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Par Simon, le 22/09/2009


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Trip to Buenos Aires, Argentine

I've realised an internship of 3 month for the company B2WIN in Buenos-Aires. In my studies, for my third year, I had to work in a profesional context, but it wasn't my first experience and everything was fine.

I was a good oportunity to increase my spanish abilities, and a powerfull experience to work for this company with this team.

And it was a great opportunity too, to discover South America.

Le 22/09/2009

Management, conception & réalisation

For my firsts two years of studies, I've realised an intership a 2 months in London for the company Acomax Net Publishing.

My mission was to rebuild an entire website about all everythings french in London.

Used technologies : UML2, MySQL, PHP5, XHTML Strict, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, RSS
le 01/09/2008

Development internship

Conception & realisation of a plateform for listen and by music. Creation of a new model a financement with sale of "real" CD.
Automatisation of the process of inscription wich was manually before.

Used technologies : PHP, MYSQL, XHTML Strict, Javascript, CSS, JAVA, AJAX, Flash 7

le 07/09/2007